Dr Melissa Delgado, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Putting Patients First,
with care that is safe and
stress free, welcoming
and reassuring, gentle
and non-judgmental

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Safe and stress free

Providing personalised, comprehensive care across all areas of women’s reproductive health and related concerns, Dr Melissa Delgado and her professional team always put the patient first.

Relax in a safe, stress-free environment where services are tailored to your individual needs. Dr Delgado is committed to providing patient-centred expert advice, empathy, support and quality care at all times.

Welcoming and reassuring

As the mother of two children, Dr Delgado understands the importance of minimising stress during pregnancy, as well as the concerns which can be raised by reproductive and related issues.

Her practice is therefore dedicated to making all feel welcome and to provide reassurance, as well as the best possible treatment and advice to help you to make informed decisions about your care.

Dr Delgado views her participation in the experience of expectant parents as both a privilege and a responsibility. Recognising that pregnancy can be daunting especially for first-time mothers, she draws upon the breadth of her experience and training to ensure a holistic approach to patient care.

Gentle and non-judgmental

Dr Delgado recognises the importance of always providing care that is gentle, non-judgmental and compassionate. As part of her commitment to a patient-centred approach, she always listens, seeks your feedback and adjusts her approach as necessary to meet your needs.

Everyone in Dr Delgado’s team understands that holistic patient care necessitates not only treating your medical concerns but also being aware of and responsive to emotional, social and cultural factors and the impacts these have on peoples’ lives and decision making.

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